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A Quick Look at “The Flash”

If the October 10th premiere of CW’s The Flash rushed right by you, don’t worry- I’m here to rewind it a little bit for you. Eluded to by an appearance in the hit show Arrow, Barry Allen gets to debut in his own television series centered on DC Comic’s scarlet speedster known as The Flash.


The CW and the creative team behind The Flash deserve a large pat on the back. Barry’s origin story was right on, following in the footsteps of his comic book origin. The narrative spun in the first episode lent itself well to how forensic scientist Barry Allen, becomes a super-powered hero without isolating the events and then trying to string other narrative elements together.

Grant Gustin (Glee, 90210, Arrow) played the role well as far as I am concerned. Grant convinced me that he can play the role of the hero who wants to do right, no matter how crazy that seems to other characters such as spurned love interest Iris West (Candice PattonThe Game, The Young and the Restless, Entourage) and boss/father figure of Joe West (Jesse L. MartinLaw and Order, Smash, The Philanthropist). Candice Patton does a great job as Iris West, who will be a focus for Barry. The chemistry (pun sort of intended) between the two is spot on, even as the situation isn’t very favorable for the fastest man alive. Jesse Martin’s portrayal of Detective Joe West was right where it needed to be for the first outing, and I suspect we will get to see more of the father influence in future episodes as opposed to the stern boss outlook that I felt reared it’s head.


I was surprised to see that so many elements were introduced so quickly in the first episode. Before you get to the preview of next Tuesday’s episode, you’ll have seen at least two hints at longtime foes of The Flash, a very well down costume, complete with iconic lightning bolts, the establishment of what should become great character progressions, and hopefully a new found love for one of DC Comics not often talked about heroes. This is certainly a show that you should slow down and not miss.

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