Star of 90’s “The Flash” reprises role in CW’s “The Flash”

Amanda Pays Tina McGee The Flash

Amanda Pays, who starred as Tina McGee in the 1990’s “The Flash”, will reprise her role in the CW’s new series.

Another alumni from the 1990’s CBS series The Flash will make an appear in the CW’s new series The Flash. 

Entertainment Weekly reports that Amanda Pays, who played Dr. Christina “Tina” McGee on the 1990’s series, will reprise her role in the CW’s series. Although the CW’s Flash series is not connected with the CBS series, the new series will honor The Flash’s television past.

In the CBS series, which lasted one season from 1990-1991, Tina McGee helps Barry Allen control his powers and assists him in his battles as the Flash. Tina was the romantic love interest of Barry, but play the “just friends” game throughout the series. It is unsure what role an older McGee will play in the new interpretation.

Pays becomes the second star of the 90’s series to join the new series. John Wesley Shipp, who starred as Barry Allen/The Flash in the CBS series, was cast as Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) father, Harry Allen, in a re-occurring role.

It is unknown if Pays and Shipp will share screen time, but if they do, you can count on fans of the older series to have a strong reaction.

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