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The first full look of the “Batman v Superman” Batmobile (UPDATED)

When director Zack Snyder revealed a gritty, black and white image of the back end of the new Batmobile in May, fans began to wonder what the design of Batman’s infamous ride would look like. A day later, Snyder released another photo, this time of Ben Affleck standing in front of the Batmobile. From what fans could gather from both shots, it looked like a combination of the Batmobile from the Tim Burton films and the “Tumbler” from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films. Production photos have been very limited since filming started , but that doesn’t stop the fans from taking photos from afar.

That happened to be the case as new photos have gone viral of a full view of the new Batmobile. It was reported that filming would take place at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center at night, which included a tightly covered Batmobile being shipped to the location. Instagram user Arthur Marco (amarco13) happened to be in the area and shot these photos from the filming location.

Batman v Superman Batmobile 01

Batman v Superman Batmobile 02

Batman v Superman Batmobile


EDIT: Zack Snyder has since Tweeted an official photo of the Batmobile.

What do you think of the new Batmobile? How does it compare to the other Batmobiles you’ve seen on Film and Television? Tell us what you think and what your favorite Batmobile design is in the comments section below.

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