Music Focus: Latimer House – Birdcage Walk/Until Then


Latimer House, a pop quartet hailing from Prague, has recently released a new single in “Birdcage Walk”. The single is guitar heavy, relying more on a catchy beat than award-winning lyrics. It’s not to say the lyrics are bad, but they are clearly secondary on this release. With smooth harmonies added into the chorus and funky instruments, “Birdcage Walk” is a fun summer song that you can easily get lost in.

Led by Joe Cook on lead vocals and guitar, Latimer House also features Anar Yuufov on keyboards and backing vocals, Jiri Kominek on drums and percussion and Michael Jetton on the bass.

The band classifies themselves as an indie-rock band, however, Latimer House seems more a mix of early Beatles and a dash of Eric Clapton as evidenced by their B-Track “Until Then” that has a bit of a heavier rock sound to it. The lyrics are smooth and the melody transitions fluidly between up and mid tempo.

Sometimes B-Tracks become even more popular than their A-Tracks and in this sense it seems like “Until Then” could be one of those rarities. The track has a horn section, a nice frantic pace throughout and some very silky smooth vocals.

Call them indie-rock, call them alternative, whatever the case, Latimer House continues to rise and have recently been featured on BBC London as of late. Latimer House has been making a splash in the UK, and it could easily be surmised that the band could be just as successful across the pond here in the United States as well.

Take a listen to both tracks here and tell us what you think!


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