Several DC Comics Easter Eggs in new “Flash” poster

The CW released a new poster for it’s Arrow spin-off, The Flash. The image, which shows The Flash (Grant Gustin) zigzagging his lightning bolt symbol on a Central City street, contains several DC Comic Easter Eggs.

The Flash poster


There are reportedly 10 easter eggs in the poster. If you can’t identify which Easter Eggs are in the poster, here’s the partial list according to


  • The Queen Consolidated building in the background.
  • A sign for Amertek, the military industrial firm that employed engineer Dr. John Henry Irons, who becomes the superhero Steel.
  • To the left of the Queen Consolidated building is a skyscraper for Kord Industries, the company owned by Ted Kord, a.k.a. Blue Beetle.
  • Just beneath the Queen Consolidated building is a sign for S.T.A.R. Labs, the company whose particle accelerator explosion gives Barry (and various other Central City citizens) incredible powers. They’re also where Victor Stone makes his transformation into Cyborg in the comics.
  • Just below S.T.A.R. Labs and to the right of Barry Allen is a sign for Big Belly Burger, a fast-food chain in DC Comics founded in Coast City (home of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan) and a subsidiary of LexCorp.

What could all these Easter Eggs mean? While Warner Bros attempts to build a shared cinematic universe, there’s a big push for a shared television universe that’s separate from the films. Do you think the CW will be introducing the big DC Heroes as well? Post your thoughts below.

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