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Fake Image of Marvel’s 5-Year Plan Fools Internet

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article retains to a false image of Marvel Phase Three movies that floated around in late July/Early August. To read about the Phase Three films from the Marvel Event, click HERE.

The 2014 edition of Comic Con has come and gone, but we only got a glimpse of Marvel’s future, focusing on Guardians of the Galaxy (released on August 1st), Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant-Man. The studio didn’t get into anything beyond Ant-Man, but we know for sure that Captain America 3 will be released on May 6, 2016 and that there will be a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, since Comic Con, an image has been circulating around the Internet that has caused a buzz in comic book movie fans, even catching the attention of  Business Insighter writer Jonah Crandall. The image shows 10 title cards for Marvel’s future plans for Phase Three and possibly Phase Four. And while we live in an age of false information, especially from Internet sources, there’s been speculation that there’s some credibility as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige made it known that Marvel has movie plans through 2028.

Here is the image in question:



This article was originally going to speculate what each image could be, especially since the title cards look like the style Marvel has used in previous films and TV announcements.

One problem: 5 of these are fake.

The first two title cards are legitimate; we already know from the promotional images of Avengers: Age of Ultron that this is real and we also know that Ant-Man is real with reports concerning the production turmoil surrounding the project.

The fake titles in question (Captain America: The Fallen Son, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy: War of Kings, Black Panther, and The Inhumans) can be found on deviantART, a website where artists showcase their works. The logo for The Inhumans was posted by a user named SkinnyGlasses in late 2013 and the title cards for War of Kings, Black Panther, The Fallen Son, and Ragnarok were posted by MrSteiners around November 2013.

Both accounts have variations of a Doctor Strange title card from the image above, but we already know Marvel basically confirmed this movie along with the rumors that Joaquin Phoenix was in negotiations for the title role.

That leaves us with the title cards for World War Hulk and Avengers: Civil War. Feige has stated back in 2012 that there wouldn’t be any plans for a Hulk solo film until “after Avengers 2″World War Hulk takes place after Planet Hulk in the comics, so it’s possible the solo Hulk film could be Planet Hulk and could also see a crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy since Marvel confirmed the sequel at Comic Con.

Civil War sounds to be the most plausible plot for Avengers 3 and most comic fans know that the Civil War storyline divided the Marvel Universe and ended with the assassination of Captain America. Chris Evans has expressed the desire to leave the franchise after his contract is up (which runs through Avengers 3) and the recent Marvel Comics have introduced the Falcon as the new Captain America. Since we were introduced to Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie) in The Winter Soldier, it’s reasonable to think he will take up the Captain America shield for future installments when Chris’s contract expires. Chris Dorsey and myself also have written that there were some potential seeds for “Civil War” in our collaboration review of The Winter Soldier, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise if that’s what Avengers 3 ended up becoming.

Are you disappointed that the majority of the “leaked titles” were fake? What do you think the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is? Post your thoughts below.

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