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“Ant-Man” drops Patrick Wilson, two others

Another chapter has been added to the drama that is the production of Marvel’s Ant-Man.

In an exclusive report, Deadline released details that Patrick Wilson, Matt Gerald, and Kevin Weisman have left production of the film.

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson’s scheduling conflict caused him to drop from “Ant-Man” due to the film’s production delay.

The news adds to the long list of turmoil involving the film, starting with director Edgar Wright leaving the film after being attached to the project since the mid 2000’s over “creative differences.” Not long after that, Bring It On director Peyton Reed and Anchorman writer Adam McKay were hired to take over Ant-Man, including a revision of Wright’s script by McKay. Not long after that, Adam Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari were hired to re-write McKay’s treatment.

According to Deadline’s sources, the latest version of the script dropped Gerald and Weisman’s characters. Wilson’s departure wasn’t quite as drastic–the actor left the film due to a scheduling conflict due to his involvement in another film. The conflict was due to the delay from the directorial change and the script re-writes.

Yet, with all the delays and numerous script re-writes, Marvel Studios refuses to move Ant-Man from its July 17th release date in 2015.

Hardcore Marvel fans have pointed out that 2008’s Iron Man went through a bit of a similar situation, entering production in 2007 with no actual script but an outline (as revealed by Jeff Bridges). While they improvised writing the script, at least the production had a general story in mind to work around. They have also pointed out that there was conflict with Marvel on the production of 2013’s Thor: The Dark World with creative differences between original director Patty Jenkins in December of 2011. Three days later, Alan Taylor was hired to take over directing duties, including a script re-write that pushed production to the summer of 2012. In the end, Thor: The Dark World ended up being a good film despite the turmoil, but Disney did something important to make sure the film was of the utmost quality: they changed the release date from July 26, 2013 to November 15th, 2013 (which would eventually be bumped a week to November 8th).

What do you think? Is the film going to turn out alright or should Marvel take its time with the production and change the date? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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