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First look at the X-Wing for “Star Wars: Episode VII”

J.J. Abrams and Disney have made it clear that they want to keep the filming of the new Star Wars film to be kept secret.

However, the director gave fans a first look from an official prop for the new film, set 30 years after Return of the Jedi. The distinct and familiar design of the X-Wing, the prominent starfighter of choice for the Rebel Alliance, give Star Wars some excitement and buzz over the look as the new trilogy attempts to capture the spirit and charisma of the original trilogy.

JJ Abrams XWing

The New X-Wing for “Star Wars: Episode VII”


Already, the fans are noticing that the X-Wing in the video is different from the ones seen in the original trilogy, from a new engine configuration on the wings to the lack of a droid located behind the cockpit. The X-Wing’s presence alone is up for discussion as fans are curious why the fighter is still in use 30 years later.

The revealing of the X-Wing was shown in a 1 minute, 30 second video where J.J. campaigns to fans to sign up for the “Force for Change” program that benefits Unicef’s Innovation Labs and includes a chance to star in Star Wars: Episode VII and an advance screening of the film.

Star Wars: Episode VII releases world wide on December 18, 2015.

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