“Hawaii Five-0’s” 5th Season is Supersized


It was announced at a blessing ceremony to commemorate Hawaii Five-0’s fifth season that the episode order is the largest the show has had – 25. While the show’s ratings weren’t the strongest during season four, the show has made CBS a lot of money in syndication. Translation: More episodes = more money.

Hawaii Five-0 is a remake/reboot/tie-in of the original Hawaii Five-O that aired 12 seasons from 1968-1980 that starred Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett. While the original was a starring vehicle for Lord, and didn’t focus much on the other cast, the new version that stars Alex O’Laughlin as McGarrett, is much more of an ensemble piece.

While Five-0 was a strong performer on Mondays for CBS during the show’s first two seasons, the third took a major dip and the show was banished to Fridays for the fourth season, where many expected the show to be canceled after the season. However, the show stayed pretty consistent with Friday top performer Blue Bloods and was renewed for a fifth season.

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