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Is Bryan Singer planning “Days of Future Past” Director’s Cut?

If you’re a fan of the X-Men film franchise and were disappointed that Anna Paquin’s Rogue was eliminated from the majority of the Days of Future Past theatrical cut, then this should be some good news.

According to the official Twitter account of producer Lauren Shuler Donner, there are plans to release the deleted scenes featuring Rogue’s cut subplot when Days of Future Past comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Don’t let the generic Twitter icon fool you or the non-Twitter verification fool you–Bryan Singer follows this account, so there’s no question this is truly Lauren Shuler Donner’s account and that the news is genuine.

Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart

Fans of Magneto and Professor X will likely be satisfied by the 10 minutes of deleted footage featuring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves; does this mean the scenes will be restored as deleted scenes or will they be fully restored into the film itself? That much of the news is unknown. Singer tweeted about recording commentary for deleted scenes, but that could be for the standard DVD cut and not a Director’s Cut. Whatever the case, we should find out more when the film is out on DVD/Blu-Ray.

For those that don’t know, there was a 10-minute subplot where Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen), with the assistance of Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), team up to rescue Rogue from a Sentinel-guarded prison in order to help the team keep Logan’s (Hugh Jackman) mind back in the 1970’s. The rescue of Rogue was so that she would absorb Kitty’s power and use it to keep Logan in the past after Logan accidentally hurts Kitty and weakens her time travel ability. When the scenes were cut, the theatrical cut simply had Kitty ignore her injury from Logan and concentrates harder on keeping his mind in the past.

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg discussed the scene in an interview with Empire magazine:

The Rogue subplot was originally there because I wanted a mission for the older Charles and Eric to do, something like Unforgiven – two last gunslingers, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman – that kind of a mission for them. I just loved the idea of that. Nothing in the story necessitated that, but just for a lark, I thought it would be a cool thing to see, because we may never see it again.

No matter what, it looks like fans will be seeing Rogue after all. The only question will be if it’s a director’s cut or if it’ll just be deleted scenes.

Anna Paquin Rogue Days of Future Past

Anna Paquin as Rogue in “Days of Future Past”

Are you looking forward to seeing this cut subplot? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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