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Zack Snyder teases first image of Superman in “Dawn of Justice”

In an interview with USA Today, Director Zack Snyder provided the first exclusive photo of Henry Cavill as Superman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Dawn of Justice Superman

In the interview, Snyder discusses about how the film follows up 2013’s Man of Steel, describing the new movie is “thicker, denser and more epic than Man of Steel” and how it’s “the next step toward building a strong movie universe that ultimately leads to” the Justice League. He also went on to say that Cavill is more comfortable in his second time as Superman and that he’s only filmed a few scenes with Cavill and Ben Affleck together.

Snyder also went on to discuss Affleck’s Batman, describing his character as an “older, road-weary take on the Dark Knight.” He also revealed that he hasn’t filmed any scenes with Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), but made a point to address the critique of her being too skinny for the role by saying that “she’s working out and getting buff and ripped.”

But let’s focus at the image itself. At first glance it appears to be concept art, but if you look hard enough, it’s an actual photograph of Cavill wearing the Superman suit (slightly tweaked) standing against a green screen background of a photoshopped city skyline.  Judging by the gloomy and depressing environment, Superman appears to be in Gotham City.

What do you think of the first image? Let us know what you think!

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