The CW renews “Hart of Dixie”, “Beauty & the Beast”, and “The 100”, cancels “Tomorrow People”, “Star-Crossed”, and “The Carrie Diaries”


The CW Network today has announced that they have renewed Hart of Dixie, Beauty & the Beast, and The 100, while cancelling freshmen series The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, and sophomore series The Carrie Diaries. Some of these announcements are puzzling, but others were expected.

On the renewal side, this will give a fourth season to Hart of Dixie, a show that has had some ratings slumps as of recent, but also the closest on the network for a syndication deal. The series stars Rachel Bilson and has turned into a cult followed series of sorts, as die hard fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook in hopes to keep the series alive.

Midseason series The 100 has debuted to good ratings, and even has William Shatner live tweeting with most of the cast during episodes. The show is a post-apocalyptic series based on the novel of the same name.

Probably the biggest surprise on the renewal end is Beauty & the Beast. The Kristin Kreuk starrer has never been a ratings hit, and this second season has even had half the episodes held to summer. However, the show sells well overseas, and another season of the show will only help gain revenue for the future.

On the cancellation side of things, most people thought the cult series The Carrie Diaries might get another short season. The show never debuted to big ratings, but with the surprise second season renewal, many fans thought the same thing could happen again. However, even lower ratings didn’t help the cause and the show is now definitely dead.

The Tomorrow People was a remake of a 1970s British drama of the same name and never caught on stateside. The series debuted to decent ratings, but slumped after the halfway point in the season. Even worse, the CW important 18-34 demographic wasn’t watching the series.

Star-Crossed was another series that the CW gambled on, but didn’t attract an audience. The story of a human girl and an alien boy dating debuted below standards, and sunk even lower as episodes went on. However, the show had a decent Twitter fanbase, but even those fans couldn’t save the show.

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