Do I have the music in me?


For the longest time, I could never get into music at all. While other forms of media like film and television were easy for me to grasp and enjoy, music was far more challenging and still is a hassle for me to grasp.

I have many favorite types of movies and genres that all speak to me, but music does not come as easily. I am hardpressed to name my favorite songs or music groups of all time or even list all of the different genres and types of music.

Hell, I don’t even have an iPod. I certainly listen to music, but it entirely comes from the radio when I wake up in the morning or when I’m driving and its always the same few stations, including a couple channels that only play songs that are topping the charts. I recognize names and lyrics, but they don’t really mean that much to me.

Music is not my strong taste.

But why is this? Why do I enjoy so many artforms but can’t get into music as I can with others?

I think part of the reason for this is because of how these artforms make me feel. Movies, for example, take multiple senses to enjoy. Not only do you see the images, but you hear what they’re saying and will often make me think. I enjoy a good meal, because it involves both the sense of taste and touch.

Music, on the other hand, only involves my sense of hearing.


While music does a great job at that, it is only captivating me one way, while other artforms can be multi-sensual. Which is why I listen to music while driving and have no problem with enjoying during the moment.

To me, music is a state of mind. It puts me in a state where I can be many things, including relaxed, happy, content, sad, overjoyed and more. But as a result, I’m not necessarily thinking about what I’m listening to. The lyrics are not leaving an impact on me, because I’m not necessarily listening to the lyrics.

It’s like watching a movie with little to no plot, like “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I’m not enjoying it because it speaks to me or is powerful and moving, but because of the experience.


Luckily this is not my only frame of mind when it comes to all music. There is of course music that I enjoy listening to and can’t get enough of. It is just that I’m incredibly selective over chosing that type of music.

For example, one my favorite songs right now is Pharrell’s “Happy.” I actually listen to it every time I finish up one of these editorial blog posts while I work on uploading it for everyone to see. I will admit that the song is quite repetitive, but it never fails to put me in a good mood. My day is brightened when I hear that song.

Other examples would include The Beach Boys, Journey, Queen and a few movie and video game soundtracks. For basically the same reason I listen to “Happy.” They put me in a great mood because they’re so uplifting and upbeat.

This has happened over the last few years. As I entered college, I did not enjoy music at all. But lately, things have gotten to the point where I can appreciate music for the different types of moods that it can put me in. Now my window of opportunities on music has become much wider and it has allowed me to enjoy a new type of artform that was once lost on me.


It’s just that I have a long ways to go and may never fully appreciate music as much as others do.

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