NBC in talks with Bill Cosby for new sitcom

This year NBC has doubled upped former sitcom stars with Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes both headlining their own sitcoms this year. However, both shows are doing horrible in the ratings. Deadline today is reporting that NBC is now in talks with Bill Cosby to return this fall with a brand new sitcom.

Granted, Cosby has been around longer than Fox and Hayes, but many thought Fox’s show would at least be the stable hit that Robin Williams’s show has done. However, NBC hasn’t had a breakout comedy hit since The Office years ago. Maybe someone as classic as Bill Cosby is what the network needs.

There is really no information on the sitcom, although it will again follow Cosby’s life with a multi-generational family and his views on marriage and everyday life. If its like his past two sitcoms, the highly successful The Cosby Show or his CBS 4-season sitcom Cosby, we probably should figure that Phylicia Rashād should be involved in some capacity.

Stay tuned here for more developments.

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