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Games, Games, Games: The Microsoft Media Briefing Pt. 1

For Xbox fans, I believe it has been a morning that you were waiting for. Gamers, you wanted your games, and I think Microsoft has started to deliver. At roughly 9:30 this morning, Microsoft kicked things with an intro from Konami, which meant only one thing: Metal Gear Solid V. I didn’t think it was possible for an any more grizzled Snake, but he’s back and he looks fantastic.

While we were all expecting games, especially games for the Xbox One. What I think gamers weren’t expecting was the reveal of another 360 Slim. Being touted as even slimmer and quieter, the new 360 slim is now available for sale.

More Games

After MGS V, Microsoft moved on to show a Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks, that will be free to play. While a cool edition to 360 owner libraries, it was nowhere near what this entire announcement was about.

A new period piece titled Ryse: Son of Rome. As what appears to be standard with the new hardware of the coming generation, Ryse looks beautiful. From the blood on the swords, to the gleam of light on not so new armor is quite a sight.

Killer Instinct was up next. Announced with a full fight that was later revealed to have a a fight stick for those gamers who will want the classic arcade feel.

Shortly after was nice surprise from Insomniac studios and their new IP called Sunset Overdrive.

This is what I have so far for the first part of the Microsoft briefing. I should have more up shortly, so please stay tuned.

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