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The Best for Last? The Sony Media Briefing

It would be very hard to watch everything that has happened today and say that Sony wasn’t prepared. They were more than prepared. Their conference definitely had more energy to it and that could be in large part to blaring music and lights on stage, but they knew what they had to show up with: games everyone wants. There was a lot of support from both Indy studios and big studios, but Sony found a balance with them both. For some ease on your eyeballs, I’ll try to select what stood out.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Sony and not mention Assassin’s Creed IV: Blackflag. As is standard for the day, the game looks amazing. Next gen is proving to be very easy on the eyes. It would also be very wrong to not talk about Infamous: Second Son. Though there was only a glimpse, the amount of things happening onscreen that look to be caused by Delsin Rowe is awesome!

I’m intrigued by what will appear to be the sillier, lighter on the emotional spectrum games such as Knack and Puppeteer, that seem to remind me of Playstation of the past, which isn’t bad, and I’m glad to see that developers haven’t given up on that sort of style for the PS4.

Speaking of style, Final Fantasy XV will be on the PS4. Not a huge surprise, but it’s going to look even more beautiful. Gamers may see rainbows pouring out of they’re television screens. Square Enix did not stop there though. Fan faithful have been waiting and will only have to wait a bit longer. Kingdom Hearts III has been announced as well.

What I would consider the last notable game at the conference is the long awaited title Destiny. While, there was a ton of gameplay in comparison to other games shown during the briefing, I have say that hearing Bungie developers enjoying themselves (scripted or not) was a blast. There isn’t much to say beyond that Bungie has been hard at work, and it looks like they may have some exclusives going on with Sony.

It would be very wrong of me to not actually show the Playstation 4, so I’ll do the right thing.PS4_4_610x407

You should notice that the PS4 is strikingly similar to the Xbox One in appearance, though it does look like a parallelogram and sport a black finish. The profile is nice, but that’s not what is nicest about it if you ask certain gamers. The price tag of $399 is nice and sparkly for Sony’s next gen beast. Couple that with the very direct and much appreciated information that PS4 will support used games and not need to be online, and Sony may have Microsoft scrambling for a new plan of attack in the coming months. This is only a wee bit of Sony information. I’ll do my best to keep you guys up to date on what happens at E3.

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