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Xbox One revealed by Microsoft

If you remembered from the badgering emails and reminders via messages on Xbox live, you probably tuned in this morning to watch Microsoft reveal its new console, the Xbox One. If not, I’m here to give you a peak.


Don Mattrick, leader of most aspects concerned with the Xbox, did not waste any time telling the world that Microsoft is shooting for the all-in-one system. If you were hoping that the new Xbox would be able to handle the vast array of multimedia that is thrown your way, it’s looking like the system will be able to handle it.

The system looks pretty sleek. It seems that the design is going back to black, with its glossy finish and much more angular look which the kinect sensor has also adopted. The controller is different as well with a noticeable change to the D-Pad and what appears to be the addition of a share like button. From what was shown, I think the console looks way better than the current generation, but the console is looks larger than the current 360 slims. Though it was only flashed for a few seconds, it appears the system will sport 5 billion transistors, 8 GB of RAM, USB 3.0 ports, and a Blu-Ray player. Throw in a packaged kinect sensor with a 1080p camera, and things are looking pretty good.

It is very apparent that the Xbox One will be leaning heavily on voice control. It was very cool to see ability to switch between television programs, to games, to Internet Explorer, and back to games, all by using your voice and with only the barest of seconds used for the actual switch between them. The voice commands were not clunky either. Voice commands seemed incredibly simple and intuitive, but I’m not sure if that’s because it was scripted or it is just that good. As Yusuf Mehdi guided us through the presentation, it is noticeable that Microsoft’s Smart glass will play a function with the Xbox One as well. So, not only will the Xbox connect with your tv, it will also connect better with your games, smartphones, and tablets.

It wouldn’t be a Xbox reveal without mentioning Xbox Live. Gamers know servers are our friends and sometimes our enemies. Turns out Microsoft knows too, because by the launch of the Xbox One, 300 thousand servers will be live. Couple that with persistent data gathering based on how and what you play, and it seems like the experience will be seamless. If you like to share your gaming experience, there is going to be a built in capture card of sorts to share your gaming moments as well.

On the side of gaming, there wasn’t a big presence in this reveal. EA did announce that Fifa, Madden 25, NBA Live, and UFC would be available. If sports games are your choice, it’s going to look amazing. But if you like to be behind the wheel, Forza Motorsport 5 will have you drooling. Though there wasn’t any gameplay shown, the video looked beautiful. If the console is capable of the same visuals, gamers are in for a treat. If you are worried about titles, you shouldn’t fear. There are to be 15 exclusives to the Xbox One, with 8 of the them being brand new IP’s.

It’s even harder to have an Xbox reveal without some sort of mention of Halo. So what could be the big deal as Halo 4 isn’t even a few years old? How about a live action television series? If that’s not enough, how about they have Steven Spielberg be a part of this new creation as well?

Of course, the important things we want to know, such as price points and exact release dates will have to wait. We have been told that the planned release is later this year. Seeing as there are only about 7 months left, I’d put my bet on the console being released around the same time as Sony’s PS4.

After seeing the reveal, do you want one? Anything you’re disappointed in? Sound off in our comment section!

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