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The Host (2013)

I’m quite pleased to say that if you would like to see a movie in theaters, The Host should be one of those movies. Having had to sit through the Twilight series, I was intrigued by this adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s not as popular work of fiction that shares its title with the film. This is a welcome departure from Twilight that I think is worth seeing, especially if you had a mild curiosity like I did.

Film +'The+Host'

From the get go, the film takes its place in a sci-fi realm due to the fact that Earth has suffered an invasion of sorts. Humanity has been taken over by life forms that are symbiotic in nature, leaving only very small pockets of humanity unaffected. Melanie is one of those few humans, until she too is captured. This is not the end for her, as the symbiotic alien that inhabits her body finds out, some souls are far stronger than others.

Without wanting to ruin the story for you, the plot is decent. More than decent, actually. It has a depth that is surprising if you’re willing to think past what it presents at the surface and that’s a wonderful feeling. Yes, there is romance, and that romance gets complicated in interesting ways. There is a little bit of action which steps up the pace between the slower scenes.

When thinking about this film, I think it best to keep an open mind. What I mean to say is that most of us are aware that author Stephanie Meyer penned the story that this film is an adaptation of. Does that mean it is Twilight 2.0? No. Does that mean it is a direct translation of the book? No. Is it possible that we are given a different type of story that presents different ideas, flaws, and solutions? Yes, and I think the film does a good job of it.

If you need me to give it a rating: 8/10

My rating for it: It’s a nice blend of science fiction and drama. It ask questions about humanity and the soul, and we see new ideas on the subject through the film. That is more than enjoyable and I think worth the price of admission.

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  1. Good review Chris. This is poorly acted, the story is a sloppy mess, the characters are boring, the romance feels completely out of place, the special effects suck and worst of all, nothing happens in it.

    • I agree with you on a few points, but disagree on others. The story didn’t appear to be a sloppy mess. Quite the opposite in my opinion. The story we were given in this film is only one instance in that universe. It just so happens that we follow Melanie’s quest for her to be in full control of herself, dragging Wanda along for the ride. I do agree that characters aren’t as developed as they could have been. I never know what romance does for a story that isn’t all about it, but the romance parts had purpose. Mainly to see what how Wanda reacts to the emotions that are connected with romance, and we do see that develop. The special effects didn’t need to be exciting and I’m not quite sure what should change there. I strongly disagree with the idea that nothing happened. The story didn’t end in the same place that the story began. By the end of the movie all of humanity was not enslaved, the seekers did not complete their goal of complete conversion, Melanie has her body back, and Wanda is spared of her sacrifice. I think it would be very wrong to say that nothing happened in light of those few events.

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