NBC’s Winter Woes

Ever since The Voice and Revolution aired their fall finales, NBC has struggled in the ratings department as the aforementioned series helped NBC reach #1 on Mondays for the first time in years.

Veteran “cult” favorites Parks & Recreation and the final season of The Office might be critically loved, but ratings have never been lower. The same can be said for Up All Night, Whitney, and Community.

New shows Guys with Kids, 1600 Penn, Do No Harm, The New Normal, Deception, and Animal Practice have all debuted to less than stellar ratings (especially Animal Practice that had a special post-Olympics premiere, followed by tanking drastically).

The only bright spots (if you can call them that) are Go On and Chicago Fire. The former series, a new sitcom starring Matthew Perry had a post-Olympics premiere as well, and seemed to benefit from that. The series hovers around the mid-to-high 1’s and low 2’s in the coveted 18-49 demographic. The latter series is executive produced by Dick Wolf, and the ratings have grown to the mid 2’s over the winter and looks like a lock for renewal.

NBC had banked that their other series would perform well without their Monday lineup, but clearly this four month hiatus has drastically hurt the network. Veteran shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Parenthood are even shells of their former selves.

The Peacock Network is in so much trouble that they are bringing back their canceled series The Sing Off back for a limited winter run.

Hopefully with the return of Grimm last week and Revolution and The Voice in coming weeks, the network can start to regain the ground they lost. The main question now is does NBC clean their slate and start from near scratch (which has been brought up before), or do they try to pair up critical darlings with their few ratings hits?

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