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Live Updating of the 85th Academy Awards

9:01 PM: The “To the Losers” song was decent. Overall, not too many surprises here tonight. Thanks for playing along!

8:59 PM: Award for Best Speed Talking goes to BEN AFFLECK!

8:55 PM: ARGO WINS FOR BEST PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:53 PM: Jack Nicholson introduces First Lady Michelle Obama…that’s a shock!

8:47 PM: DANIEL DAY-LEWIS for LINCOLN. Just solidifies him as a great actor.

8:45 PM: “Our next presenter needs no introduction”…cue walkoff. I do think Seth is doing a good job.

8:43 PM: JENNIFER LAWRENCE for SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. And she fell. Maybe not graceful, but she deserves the award.

8:34 PM: ANG LEE winning for best director is definitely a shock. WOW.

8:28 PM: Quentin is never one to shy away from his ego.

8:26 PM: DJANGO UNCHAINED wins original screenplay. That’s kind of a shock. Thought FLIGHT had it nailed.

8:24 PM: ARGO gets best adapted screenplay. Let their awards start flowing now.

8:16 PM: SKYFALL wins best song. Thank goodness.

8:10 PM: Another award for LIFE OF PI. This time its original score.

8:02 PM: Barbra Streisand coming out to sing is a very, very welcome surprise.

7:57 PM: Nothing classier than George Clooney introducing the “In Memoriam”

7:48 PM: Minus Kristen Stewart’s obvious not paying attention, LINCOLN wins for art direction.

7:45 PM: These final three Best Picture nominees are the dark horses. The middle 3 are still the ones to win.

7:35 PM: Adele sounds great live. Makes me want to watch SKYFALL again

7:33 PM: ARGO gets award for best editing. Finally!

7:29 PM: And now the President and the other stuff before the big awards.

7:22 PM: ANNE HATHAWAY wins for Best Supporting Actress. Not my choice (Sally Field), but she deserved it.

7:15 PM: Sound editing I guess is different than sound mixing. And that went to Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall…TIE? Does that happen?

7:12 PM: LES MIS wins for sound mixing. And Ted said the title like we all were thinking it

7:10 PM: Having TED live is kind of cool. I wonder what the stars there see

7:05 PM: OK, that LES MIS ending was slightly epic.

6:53 PM: John Travolta intros some musicals. This should be fun

6:50 PM: AMOUR wins Foreign Film. Is that a shocker?

6:44 PM: SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN wins documentary. It’s been a must watch for awhile.

6:40 PM: ARGO LINCOLN and ZERO DARK THIRTY are definitely the 3 frontrunners for the win

6:33 PM: I don’t know if any of these short film nominees will be the next Spielberg but congrats to CURFEW

6:25 PM: Bringing out Dame Shirley Bassey for “Goldfinger” was a nice touch

6:21 PM: Time for 50 years of Bond

6:20 PM: LES MISERABLES wins for makeup

6:18 PM: Costume Design went to ANNA KARENINA

6:10 PM: Make that two awards for LIFE OF PI.

6:07 PM: Well at least LIFE OF PI will go home with one award.

6:05 PM: This AVENGERS thing is pretty cool

6:02 PM: BRAVE winning over WRECK IT RALPH was tough.

5:57 PM: PAPERMAN wins best short animated feature. Loved it

5:50 PM: Actor in a Supporting Role goes to CHRISTOPH WALTZ. Don’t know if he was the frontrunner, but he did great work

5:44 PM: “Flying Nun” and Sally Field bit – priceless

5:39 PM: I was wondering when this musical number would happen.

5:35 PM: William Shatner as KIRK? WHAT?!

5:34 PM: The Daniel Day-Lewis bit was golden.

5:30 PM: Seth starts with a nice, funny opening. Still way better than Anne and James two years ago.

5:25 PM: Alright, finally done with this pre-show. More updates to follow in five minutes when the show begins!

5:13 PM: What is the deal with this stinkin’ ol box?

5:06 PM: George Clooney doing choreography? I guess I wasn’t the only one who loved his moves in “Men Who Stare at Goats”.

4:59 PM: Do we really need another half an hour of this red carpet stuff? These thirty minutes could do wonders with long acceptance speeches.

4:43 PM: This red carpet show is trying too hard to be watchable.

4:30 PM: All set up. In half an hour come back for live updates!

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