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Nick’s Top Baseball Films

So here we are, a week away from the start of 2013 Spring Training. My poor Mariners appear destined for another subpar (or worse) season, as the Al West is looking especially stacked once again. I’m excited to see if the Dodgers can live up to the hype and make Magic Johnson look like a genius. Lincecum cut his hair, it looks like we aren’t going to be able to viciously boo A-Rod on the field, and as of this moment, 50 year-old Jamie Moyer is a free agent. Oh, and that 42 actually looks pretty good. So without further ado, here are my favorite baseball movies of all time.

5. The Rookie

I saw this one my junior year of high school with my baseball team. I wasn’t excited, as it was a G-rated Disney film and our coach was making us spend a Friday night doing it. Truth is, it’s one of the best underdog movies I’ve seen. Dennis Quaid plays an aging teacher and baseball coach of a small town high school who is convinced by his students and players to try out for the MLB after pitching in practice. Based on the true story of pitcher Jim Morris, Quaid gets his chance with the Tampa Bay Rays (Devil Rays, back then) and the story is actually excellent.

4. The Sandlot

I know, two kids’ movies in a row. Oh well. Anyone who says they dislike this movie is lying. I will spare you the synopsis, as you’ve probably already seen it. If not, what is your problem?!

3. Field of Dreams

Ok, before you throw your arms up in the air in frustration, let me explain: I only saw this movie last year. You might be looking at my previous selection and wondering how I’ve seen The Sandlot so many times, but not Field of Dreams. Yeah, I don’t know either. Anyway, it’s a great film. Though I feel Kevin Costner usually coasts through his movies, just talking, walking and moving like the guy Kevin Costner would, you can’t help but love the story in this one. The father-son story is almost excruciating to handle and the love for baseball as a game is in every scene.

2. Moneyball

I really liked this movie a lot when it came out. Then I watched again a few months ago and realized that it truly is one of the best stories about the current state of Major League Baseball. Aging, steroids, front offices – everything. Brad Pitt is ridiculously good as A’s GM, Billy Beane, though he looks quite a bit different. Jonah Hill, the normally “funny, fat guy,” takes on a bit of a different role as the guy who brings to Beane a new way of running a team – purely through statistics. The story is a rollercoaster of stress, but definitely worth it. I found myself cheering for it at the Oscars, knowing it had no chance.

1. Major League

C’mon! Wild Thing! Taylor! Randy Quaid! Nothing beats this one for me. It’s one of those movies when flipping through channels, you happen upon it and no matter how far into the movie it is, you have to see Charlie Sheen put on those glasses and throw the heater. Also, in this movie he’s actually winning. Another plus is its R-rating and the freedom it had to be as funny as it wanted.

Honorable Mention: Little Big League

Yeah, the movie pretty much sucks. But (spoiler alert) my mighty Mariners, equipped with beastly Randy Johnson and top-of-his-game Ken Griffey Jr., play the villain and defeat the Twins, eliminating them from playoff contention. My Oh My, indeed.

It’s Going, Going, Going…Oh, Just Foul! (Barely Missed the Cut)

Bull Durham – More Costner.

For Love of the Game – You guessed it…Costner.

Ken Burns: Baseball – Oh so long. Really interesting though.

Rookie of the Year – More of a sentimental pick I guess. Daniel Stern directed it. Weird, right?

Swing and a Miss! Strike Three, You’re Out! (Turds)

Trouble With the CurveClint Eastwood attempts to sing. Then cries. And sleeps.

Ed – Oh man. Matt Leblanc. And a chimp.

The Scout – Oh man. Albert Brooks. And a chimp.

The Babe – Why can’t Ruth get a good movie made about him?

Jared is promising a rebuttal. Let’s see what you guys think.

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