“Hawaii Five-0” Premieres Way Down; Should We Be Worried?

Last night was the first official night of the broadcast season, and CBS’s third season drama Hawaii Five-0 debuted with a 1.8 in the 18-49 demographics, down from the 3.4 it premiered with last year. That is a huge drop even from the season 2 finale that had a 2.7. The main question fans are asking is if we should be worried.

And we should.

While Five-0 has a syndication deal lined up, that does not mean the show can’t be canceled and burned off on Fridays for the 22-episode season. CBS can then move something like CSI:NY or Blue Bloods that could fight off ABC’s Castle (which also premiered down), and NBC’s Revolution (which is killing the competition). With Revolution being the highest debuting drama for NBC in years, and beating both CBS and ABC in competition, it will be interesting to see what those two networks decide to do in the coming weeks.

The folks at Five-0 really have no one to blame but themselves, however, after adding horrible characters last season and trying to redact them after they realized their mistake. Luckily, they have brought in Christine Lahti in a recurring role this season, who adds some credibility to a show that certainly needs it.

CBS as a network was down on Monday night, with returning shows How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, and Mike & Molly all down compared to last year. Frosh series Partners seems dead on arrival, with venerable veteran Rules of Engagement posed to return to Mondays sooner rather than later.

One thing is for certain however: the new Five-0 definitely will not make the 12 seasons that original did.

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