Jones, Scherzinger, and Abdul out of “X-Factor”

Throughout the day we have been getting a lot of news about FOX’s “other” singing show, The X-Factor. First, it was reported that host Steve Jones was out. Then we learned that Nicole Scherzinger won’t be back either. It has now been confirmed that Paula Abdul has been let go as well. While Jones and Scherzinger have “stated” it was an amicable split, word is that this is part of a clearing house for the series after a rather dismal season.

Abdul’s departure seems the most surprising, as it was Simon Cowell who personally brought her onto The X-Factor after all their time together on American Idol. There has been no report from either side regarding Abdul, but it will be interesting to see if her departure will be as talked about as her arrival.

It seems that L.A. Reid and Cowell will return for the second season with a major revamp, but will the ratings increase as well? While Jones was known to be a poor host, and Scherzinger the same as a judge, keeping Paula as the third judge never seemed to be a question. Whether there was turmoil backstage is unknown at the time, but having Reid, Cowell, and Abdul could’ve made for a winning combination sans Scherzinger for season two.

Updates will follow when they become available.

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