Pilot Predictions: “Whitney” (NBC)

This might be my shortest of the pilot predictions this year. NBC has had a lot of crap on their schedule the past few years (The Paul Reiser Show, Kath & Kim, and The Cape to name a few), but the new sitcom Whitney could eventually take the cake.

Based on the life of Whitney Cummings, the sitcom follows Whitney and her boyfriend (played by Chris D’Elia) navigate life as a couple. The show wouldn’t be horrible if it didn’t have a horrible laugh track, horrible set design, and horrible storylines. So simply put…the show is doomed.

NBC has given Whitney the Thursday, 9:30 PM slot that could give the show a little bit of life. However, I think the American audience will realize what they have in their hands: garbage. I would even bring back Outsourced from the dead before I watch this dribble.

There’s not really much else to say about Whitney. The plots are tired and old (and painfully unfunny), with a “live studio audience” that probably are drugged beyond belief, the series has no hope of continuing. Cummings better hope that Two Broke Girls (that she created for CBS) continues longer than this train wreck. While neither of the shows from Cummings are that great, the torture needs to stop already with Whitney.

Prediction: Canceled within 2 months.

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