Pilot Predictions 2011: “Last Man Standing” (ABC)

It is year two in World of Entertainment’s Pilot Prediction Exclusive. This year I am going to start with shows of the same genre rather than all the shows on the same network. We start with COMEDY and the series that brings movie star Tim Allen back to the small screen.

Tim Allen makes his return to television on the same network that first made him a household name. Last Man Standing stars Allen as Mike, a father of three teenage girls who believes that it’s not a man’s world anymore. Nancy Travis co-stars as his wife Vanessa along with Molly Ephraim, Alexandra Krosney, and Kaitlyn Dever playing their daughters.

Last Man Standing is a big gamble for ABC. It is a traditional multi-camera sitcom with a live studio audience. The network’s big comedies are all single camera (Modern Family and The Middle), and it remains to be seen if Allen still has the draw that he did in the 90s. The show could either go big or be a big bust.

A few things that helps Last Man Standing is its Tuesday night 8:00 PM timeslot. The sitcom’s previews have seemed family oriented enough that it could be a fun family show with a little bit of an adult edge just like Home Improvement was. What also helps is Allen’s Toy Story franchise, as he used part of his familiar “to infinity, and beyond!” catchphrase in one of the promos.

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