Lisa Edelstein recurs on “The Good Wife”

Although her days on House are over, fans of Lisa Edelstein won’t be without the actress for long. Reports have confirmed that Edelstein will recur on CBS’s The Good Wife this fall.

The character has been described as a lawyer who also has a passion for poker. She also has a past with Will Gardner (Josh Charles) which could cause conflict with Alicia (star Julianna Margulies). Not much else is known about her character, but this seems like just the role Edelstein needs after leaving House.

Edelstein caused a stir among fans of House when a new contract agreement could not be met. Her character of Lisa Cuddy was a major part of the FOX drama’s success and her leaving could mean the end of a franchise. This past season Cuddy entered a relationship with House (series star Hugh Laurie) although the relationship ended near the end of the season.

Are you guys excited for the addition of Lisa Edelstein? Or would you rather she go back to House? Sound off!

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