Movie News

Brief: Liam Neeson returns to “Dark Knight”, Russell Crowe added to “Superman”

It appears that two DC movies are getting a little bit bigger now. Reports are surfacing that Liam Neeson is returning to the Batman franchise as he was seen filming on set for The Dark Knight Rises. No word yet on how big (or small) the role will be. Neeson was not in The Dark Knight as his character, Ra’s al Ghul, was believed to be dead at the end of Batman Begins.

Also, it appears that Russell Crowe will portray Jor-El in Man of Steel joining Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Henry Cavill in the Superman reboot. Jor-El was famously played byMarlon Brando in the original film series.

Thoughts? Are you excited for the upcoming DC films? Sound off!

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