Breaking: NBC officially cancels “The Event” and “Law & Order: LA”

Although sad, we all saw this coming. NBC has canceled two rookie shows: The Event and Law & Order: LA. Neither of the shows have had that strong of ratings as of late, but it was still thought that LOLA would come back for a second year.

The Event was NBC’s new sci-fi drama, which was compared to Lost early on and debuted to strong numbers. However, ratings slipped quickly and the show never has rebounded since. There are talks that Netflix or another outlet might pick up the series for a second season.

It was believed that Law & Order: LA had a handicap from the beginning. NBC hastily canceled the original Law & Order after many thought the show would come back for a 21st season. The show also went through a major cast overhaul with a long hiatus, but when it came back, the ratings were even lower than before the hiatus.

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