Release News: “The Angry Beavers” Seasons 1 & 2

Remember that great Nickelodeon cartoon The Angry Beavers that featured brothers Dagget and Norbert? The show was one of my favorites growing up, and you can relive all the best moments of the series when the first two seasons are released on DVD on August 23rd. You’ll get all 26 episodes from the first two seasons to enjoy over and over again!

Check out the studio description followed by the cover art:

Take a walk on the mild side with bachelor brothers Dagget and Norbert, as they strike out on their own in the classic Nickelodeon show The Angry Beavers. These boys like to party hard and play all day, that is, until sleep deprivation drives them mad! Meet up with friends Stump (an actual tree stump), Barry Bear (he has a fear of clowns), Treeflower (the love of Norbert’s life), and more. You’re gonna laugh (definitely), cry (maybe), and have a good ol’ time when you see how these normally good-natured siblings put the “antics” in “angry”! On DVD for the first time! Long anticipated by fans: all 26 episodes from the first and second seasons on a 4-DVD set!

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