Breaking: “Chuck”, “Rules of Engagement” renewed + other upfront news

Somehow, spies always win. Numerous reports have indicated that NBC drama Chuck has been renewed for a fifth season. The deal is reportedly for a 13-episode season with the option to add more episodes if the show performs well.

Also, it appears that Rules of Engagement will be back for a sixth season on CBS. It remains to be seen if it will be another full season or back to the midseason shuffle. The show has been a stable performer this season, and has held onto The Big Bang Theory’s audience a bit better than $#*! My Dad Says.

Speaking of $#*! My Dad Says, there have been a few reports that the show could come back without Jonathan Sadowski. I doubt the show will be back, but weirder things have happened.

Amid rumors that Hugh Grant or another big name star is set to take over on Two and a Half Men, it seems clear that the show will be back in the fall. That probably means that Mad Love, which has been drastically underperforming, most likely won’t see a second season.


  • Harry’s Law has pretty much been given a go-ahead for a second season for NBC.
  • Parenthood is likely to see a 22-episode 3rd season order soon.
  • The Event will be over after its first and only season after dismal ratings after its long hiatus.
  • While I personally like the reboot, it seems like NBC will give the axe to Law & Order: LA, as the move to Mondays seemed to be fatal for the frosh series.
  • The Defenders could be back on CBS sometime next year. The show has been the best performer on Fridays at 8 for the network this year.
  • All of the CSI series SHOULD be back next season, although Miami and NY have shown signs of aging fast (with the original catching up).

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