ABC working to bring “Brothers & Sisters” back for final season

Deadline has reported that ABC is in works to bring back Brothers & Sisters for a sixth and final season between 6 and 18 episodes. The deal is contingent on star Calista Flockhart only signing on for six of those episodes due to her character’s decreasing storyline.

Brothers & Sisters has been on the bubble since the third season when the ratings fell from 11-12 million viewers and high 2’s/low 3’s in the demo to 9-10 million viewers and mid 2’s in the demos. Season five almost didn’t happen until ABC gave the show an 18-episode order with a majority of the cast only appearing in 13 of the episodes. However, ratings started out solid and ABC re-upped the order to a full 22-episode season.

Season six probably won’t be that lucky, as the ratings since the beginning of the season have started to slide. However, the series almost always ends the season on a cliffhanger, so having them know they have a final season will help the creative aspect, and please the fans as well.

The series also stars Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Matthew Rhys, Luke Macfarlane, Dave Annable, Ron Rifkin, and Gilles Marini.

What do you guys think? Do you want a final season? Or do you think the Walker family has told all the stories they can? Sound off!

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  1. So many people that love this show lead very busy lives and do not have time to search on the internet to find out what is going on. Please bring the show back to tie up the lose ends.

  2. Sadly, in the time since this article was written the show has been canceled. To support the show you can buy the “5th and FINAL Season” DVD set that came out a few weeks ago. Has a few nice bonus features on it. The show lives on in syndication.

    The cast can be seen in a lot of new stuff:
    -Ron Rifkin was in the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” season premiere
    -Sally Field will be co-starring in the new “Spider-Man” movie
    -Gilles Marini will be seen in an upcoming episode of “Modern Family”
    -Emily VanCamp is the star of ABC’s new drama “Revenge”, Wednesdays at 10:00 PM

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. these are mere crumbs to throw at dedicated fans of the show, shame on ABC for doing this to such a wonderful show…..tsk tsk.

  4. Bring the series back please!. There is nothing wholesome and balanced like this series anymore. The world needs this. Everyone was cast beautifully. All life situations were handled eloquently and educationally and if I ever wanted to he a part of a family it would be this one who had so much going on like any family but addressed every issue holding love above judgment. Never seen anything like it since. Script was excellent. Casting was excellent actors were excellent. It had a redeeming quality that the world needs. Was genuine not shallow

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