“Fringe” and “Futurama” renewed, “Lights Out” canceled

It is time for happiness and sadness as two of the viewing public’s favorite shows get renewed while a new drama gets the axe.

  • FOX has announced that they have renewed their cult hit sci-fi drama Fringe for a full 22-episode fourth season. The drama was moved to Fridays earlier this year which many thought was the nail to the coffin. Fringe has been on the bubble pretty much the whole season, but with FOX not too keen on their fall pilots and the show close to a syndication deal, the choice seemed pretty obvious at the end of the day. Now we just need to hear about Human Target, Lie to Me, and The Chicago Code which are all on the bubble.
  • Comedy Central has renewed comedy Futurama for two more 13-episode cycles. That gives the show 3 more 13-episode cycles to air, as the first set of 13 finished late last year and averaged 2.5 million viewers per episode. The second set of 13 will begin this summer followed by these two new ones that have undetermined dates. Comedy Central gave the show a second life after high DVD sales and direct-to-DVD films.
  • FX has announced that rookie drama Lights Out will be canceled after the final two episodes air in the following weeks. The drama followed a former heavyweight boxer trying to make a comeback. While the show isn’t the same as Rocky or The Fighter, an abundance of boxing shows and movies in a genre that isn’t even too big spelled trouble from the beginning.

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