World War III – The Charlie Sheen Saga

After reports that Charlie Sheen has sued Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre for $100 million, it seems like the feud between the Two and a Half Men star and the studio is far from over. While it is starting to get to the point of ‘who cares anymore’, CBS isn’t preaching that quite yet. The series still makes both Warner Bros. and CBS millions of dollars in revenue through syndication packages and DVD sales, as well as the all important advertising aspect. With Sheen out of the picture, it still is to be determined what to do with the mighty series.

Both John Stamos and Rob Lowe, actors who are being sought after to replace Sheen, have vehemently denied that either will take over on the series, either as ‘Charlie Harper’ or even as a new character. Lowe is still tied under contract to Parks and Recreation on NBC, while Stamos is busy filming episodes of Glee and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Most of the cast and crew have kept mum of Sheen’s behavior, with only Jon Cryer making small appearances on Ellen and Conan (both produced by WB) making light of the situation. Critics are dumbfounded on how the show could make it without their lead star (this isn’t the same time period as Bewitched either), and are starting to question what could anchor at 9PM next fall.

Since The Big Bang Theory is doing so well on Thursdays, it doesn’t seem smart to move the show over. However, many are saying that How I Met Your Mother should enter the coveted time period. However, while HIMYM is a fine series, the show is showing signs of aging and only has ever reached 10+ million viewers and anywhere near a 4.0 in the 18-49 a few times. If anything, Mike & Molly or Rules of Engagement should get the 9PM slot as those shows seem similar in context to Two and a Half Men.

Given that there is plenty of time to make a decision still, feel free to predict what will happen to the show, or if CBS will just decide to go another direction and try something new. Remember, the show that occupied the 9PM timeslot before, Everybody Loves Raymond, was only there for 7 years as well. It could be time for CBS to get something fresh.

Do you guys think that Two and a Half Men can survive without Charlie Sheen? Or what would you replace the show with? Something new? Something old? Sound off!

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