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Kyal’s Oscar Predictions

Best Picture:
First of all, I do not agree with the fact that we now have 10 nominees compared to the five we used to have. There is really no point to it. Although I have to say that all of the nominees in this category are great films, proving that this was a truly strong year.

Honestly, I believe the Academy will give nearly every award to The Social Network because it is the classic-type of film that they usually go for. However, I feel like we could be in store for an upset here as The King’s Speech has picked up some serious steam the last few months. While both are great films (the former more than the latter), I don’t think either of them are truly the best picture of the year.

The film of 2010 that truly deserves this award is Christopher Nolan’s Inception. It is one of two films in this category that are completely original – something we rarely get to see nowadays. Christopher Nolan (director/co-writer of Memento and The Dark Knight) constructs his masterpiece with Inception, a script that took him around 10 years to complete. While I know I am in the minority here, I firmly believe that this was the best film of the year. Behind all of the action and complexity, the film has a real heart to it. At its core, it is all about learning how to let go. Inception is a fantastic film with great performances, an original plot, visually stunning action, and a signature Nolan ending that you won’t forget.

What I want to Win:  Inception
What will Win: The Social Network

Best Director:
I am protesting this category because Christopher Nolan was criminally snubbed this year.

Best Actor:
This category is usually a pretty important one to me, but the performance I believed to have truly deserved this award was not even nominated. Who really deserves this is Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine. His performance in this film was transcendent – natural, intense, commanding and completely unrecognizable. Unfortunately, he is not nominated. Colin Firth was good in The King’s Speech, but Geoffrey Rush far overshadowed him in that film.

Who I want to Win: I don’t know…James Franco
Who will Win: Colin Firth

Best Actress:
I really hope Annette Bening doesn’t win this award. She did a great job in The Kids are All Right, but nothing compared to what Natalie Portman did with her role in Black Swan. There has been a lot of talk that Bening will pick up this award after her snub for her work in American Beauty, and because Portman is young and will most likely pick up another award somewhere down the road. But as I see it, both her and Clive Owen were terribly overlooked for their performances in Closer. So if they are going with that argument, Portman still deserves this award – especially since she literally left her blood, sweat, and tears on the dance floor for this film.

Who Better Win: Natalie Portman
Who will Win: Annette Bening

Best Supporting Actor:
It’s pretty much set in stone that Christian Bale will take home this award this year. Although I have to say that this is an unusually strong category this year, with every performance having the ability to win in a different year. Jeremy Renner was explosive in The Town; John Hawkes was almost literally unrecognizable throughout Winter’s Bone; Geoffrey Rush was the best part of The King’s Speech; and Mark Ruffalo gave a truly natural and heartfelt performance in The Kids are All Right.

Who will Win: Christian Bale

Best Supporting Actress:
With two amazing performances from veteran Amy Adams (The Fighter) and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit), this award does belong to Melissa Leo’s work in The Fighter. She was at once terrifying and then sympathetic. For Leo to bring sympathy and understanding out of the monster of a mother/wife that is truly awful throughout most of the film is quite a feat in itself.

Who I want to Win: Adams or Steinfeld
Who will Win: Melissa Leo (which is fine with me)

Best Original Screenplay:
This award belongs to Christopher Nolan for scribing Inception. This is the only award he is solely nominated for himself, and he deserves it the most – especially after his snub on The Dark Knight (for Director and Screenwriter). Because the Academy is anti-Nolan, this award will go to The King’s Speech, which really doesn’t deserve it. Without the actors, the film is nothing special…the story could not stand on its own. The fact that it is based on a true story is less impressive than coming up with an original idea.

Who I want to Win: Inception
Who will Win: The King’s Speech

Best Adapted Screenplay:
The Social Network has a fantastic screenplay, written by seasoned vet Aaron Sorkin – the Tarantino of corporate dialogue.

Who will Win: The Social Network

Best Animated Feature Film:
Pixar did something truly special again this year after 2009’s Up. A perfect ending to what is the best trilogy of films since The Godfather – the Toy Story series.

Who will Win: Toy Story 3

Best Animated Short, Documentary Short, & Live Action Short:
I cannot really speak for either of these categories as I have not seen more than one in either category.

Best Art Direction:
Typically this award goes to period piece films like The King’s Speech or Harry Potter, and it probably will again. While the art direction on True Grit and Inception were fantastic and absolutely perfect for those worlds, they will not garner any recognition past this nomination.

Who will Win: The King’s Speech

Best Cinematography:
Roger Deakins has been in this game a very long time and has a body of work including almost all Coen Bros. films including No Country for Old Men, as well as The Shawshank Redemption and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Roger Deakins has never won. His work on True Grit was fantastic, but far from being his best work, although he will most likely pick up this award.

That being said, Wally Pfister has earned his fourth nomination here and done his best work on Inception. Having previously been nominated for Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight, he has also worked on films such as The Italian Job, Memento, and Insomnia. While he will most likely garner another nomination in 2012 for his work on The Dark Knight Rises, his work on Inception is exceptional and more than deserves this award.

The cinematography in The King’s Speech was very distracting. Nearly every shot consisted of the point of interest being on the far right of the screen or the far left…with the rest of the scenery covering the rest of the screen. Having to turn my head right to left, left to right every time the shot changed was very distracting to me. While many people reading this will most likely not ever notice this, those of us who do pay attention notice these details. The Social Network and Black Swan also has fantastic cinematography, but it really is between Deakins or Pfister.

Who I want to win: Inception
Who will win: True Grit

Best Costume Design:
Being that The Tempest was just an awful movie filled with terrific actors like David Strathairn and Alfred Molina, I will count it out. That being said, I Am Love and The King’s Speech are the only films that impressed me in the costume department. I Am Love did a terrific job by making an honest and visually beautiful film.

Who I want to Win: I Am Love
Who will Win: The King’s Speech

Best Documentary Feature:
This was a very interesting year in documentaries. Gasland, Inside Job, and Restrepo were all very impressive and engaging. While all three were very substantial and impressive in their own right, it was Restrepo’s insight and intensity that really stuck with me.

Who I want to win: Restrepo
Who will win: Inside Job

Best Editing:
How was Inception not nominated? The last 90 minutes of the film are switching between multiple dream levels and it never felt confusing…a difficult task for an editor. The Academy’s hate for Christopher Nolan and his films are criminal and ridiculously obvious. Scene to note: Ariadne riding the “kick” up the levels.

Anyway, the editing in The Social Network and Black Swan were the most impressive out of the nominees.

Who I want to win: Inception (snubbed in this category)
Who will win: The Social Network

Best Foreign Language Film:
Out of the foreign films I saw this year, Biutiful was the one that most stuck with me. The tone and feel of the film mixed with Javier Bardem’s beautiful and heartbreaking performance really stuck with me.

Who I want to Win: Biutiful

Best Makeup

Who will win: The Way Back

Best Original Score:
Hans Zimmer has done some amazing musical scores, but has truly hit his high note with Inception. After his snub on The Dark Knight two years ago, he deserves this award. But again…The Social Network will probably pick this one up as well.

Who I want to Win: Inception
Who will Win: The Social Network

Best Original Song:

Who I want to win: “We Belong Together” – Toy Story 3

Best Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Visual Effects:
If Inception wins anything on Sunday night, it will be these three categories. Whoever wins Best Sound Editing typically wins Best Sound Mixing, of which was fantastic in Inception. Two scenes you can note: the opening scene where Saito figures out he is still dreaming (the music playing in the background, the chaos outside the apartment, the dialogue, etc.); the street shootout in the first dream level is astounding (the gunfire, the squealing tires, the roaring engines, the destructive train ramming through traffic, the dialogue, etc.).

As for visual effects, I can simply point to the best scene of any film this year: the corridor no gravity fight scene. Nolan likes to shoot his films as practically as possible. His team built a set on rings and rotated it. No wires, no CGI…this scene was shot for real. Below is the video of how they did it, below that is the actual scene.

Who will Win: Inception

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