Bubble Shows 2011

Make sure to bookmark this article as I will periodically update it with many more shows that are in danger of being canceled.

Every year networks greenlight new pilots that will air in the fall which means that they unfortunately cancel some of our favorite television shows. While some shows might be struggling in the ratings, there are always those few shows that are still on the fence because of high production costs or other areas of concerns for the networks. Here we go for another year of bubble shows:

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS, 1st Year): It seems like William Shatner might finally have a dud on his hands. The sitcom is based on the Twitter feed of the same name (although shit is actually spelled out there) which limits itself right off the bat. The show also really isn’t that funny. The only thing holding the CBS sitcom afloat is that it follows The Big Bang Theory. Put the show in any other timeslot and it will sink. Chances of Renewal: 2.5/5

Brothers & Sisters (ABC, 5th Year): After a show hits its third or fourth season, the production value increases a lot. Actors for the show ask for raises and even if the ratings are still decent, the costs don’t always outweigh the return. That almost seems the case for Brothers & Sisters. The show has hit its 100th episode, and with almost half the original cast gone, the show is almost a shell of its former self. While I still am faithful to the show, it seems like the days are numbered. What helps the series is the ratings staying moderately successful and the failure of many of ABC’s rookie shows. Chances of Renewal: 2.5/5

The Defenders (CBS, 1st Year): What happens when you put Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell together in a legal dramedy? You get The Defenders, a show that mixes the worst parts of Boston Legal and the best parts of The Good Wife. The show didn’t do well on Wednesdays and now is flopping on Friday. Chances of Renewal: 2.0/5

Human Target (FOX, 2nd Year): While Human Target is one of my favorite shows, it doesn’t seem like other viewers are turning in. Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) and his company continue to eliminate threats surrounding their clients, and with a show with as much action as the best episodes of 24, this show deserves another shot. Chances of Renewal: 1.5/5

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