“Outlaw” The Complete Series


If you blinked, you might’ve missed NBC’s legal drama Outlaw that debuted in the fall starring Jimmy Smits. The show was designated to Friday nights which showed little faith in the series to begin with, and with an abundance of legal dramas this year, the show failed to attract an audience. And to make matters worse (and as stated in a review), the pilot sucked, and while the final seven episodes were better quality wise, the 10 million who say the pilot didn’t come back.

Smits starred as Cyrus Garza, the youngest Supreme Court Justice, who resigns from the bench after he realizes that the justice system that he loves is flawed. Garza is joined by colleagues Al Druzinsky (David Ramsey), Mereta Stockman (Ellen Woglom), Eddie Franks (Jesse Bradford), and Lucinda Pearl (Carly Pope) who are on the quest to defend those who are truly innocent.

Outlaw was canceled over the holiday season and all eight episodes appear on the set. No bonus features come with it, and it is only available through’s CreateSpace Manufacture on Demand service (they make it after you buy it). However, with 3 discs, the audio and visual quality matches what was on TV. The episodes did get better over the course of the short season, and for $20, it was worth it.

Would the series have made it longer in a different timeslot? Possibly. NBC has been struggling for the past few years, and if Outlaw had been on Wednesday nights the show probably would still be here today.

Content: 7/10

Extras: 0/10

Audio/Visual: 9/10

Final Grade: 5.3/10

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