Katherine Heigl replaces Halle Berry in “New Year’s Eve”

In a move that I don’t understand, Katherine Heigl is set to replace Halle Berry in the romantic comedy, New Year’s Eve. While the film will most likely be panned by critics (like Valentine’s Day was), the film should be successful. However, Halle Berry dropped out of the film which happens, but to replace a respectable movie star with Katherine Heigl is a head scratcher. Heigl will be playing the catering ex-girlfriend of Jon Bon Jovi in the film.

What made Valentine’s Day a box office success was the number of huge actors and actresses that starred in the film. Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner and countless more drew their fan bases in for the film. While New Year’s Eve has Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, both stars have seen better days in the box office and Halle Berry would’ve been that film’s big draw. Heigl has proven her fan base isn’t as loyal after films like Life as We Know It and Killers failed to do much in theaters.

Keep it here for more casting updates from the film as there are probably a few surprises in store before filming begins.

What do you guys think? Is Katherine Heigl a good addition to the cast of New Year’s Eve? Who else do you think could’ve been signed on to replace Halle Berry?

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  1. Katherine Heigl isn’t a good addition to any movie lol. And these kinds of movies are awful, please stop making them!

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