Will Ferrell joins “The Office” for four episodes

Who’s replacing Michael Scott on The Office? A permanent replacement still hasn’t been announced, but Will Ferrell is coming in to save the day (at least for awhile)! Steve Carell’s co-star from Anchorman will star in three episodes together later this season. Ferrell’s character is another Regional Manager who comes in to help transition Michael’s leaving. Ferrell will, however, appear by himself in a fourth episode with the Dunder Mifflin gang after Michael is gone.

Does this mean we should expect Ferrell becoming the new lead of The Office? Probably not. But with a few failed movies under his belt, this could be the boost that Ferrell needs to make him relevant again. However, that being said, reports indicate that Ferrell’s character is going to be as crazy as Michael Scott, and I don’t think that the show wants another Michael Scott as a boss.

The Office probably should just as well end this season, but being NBC’s biggest comedy, the network will probably milk out the show as long as it can pull out even moderate ratings. This season will end with some big surprises I’m sure, and Ferrell is just the beginning.

What do you guys think? Is Will Ferrell what the show needs? Or should The Office go in another direction? Sound off!

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