“The Closer” not ending?

It seems as though the dead may have risen. TNT reports that its hit drama The Closer might not be ending after the show’s seventh season after all. While the network gave audiences enough time to say goodbye to their favorite series (the announcement that the series would end came in December), TNT is starting to worry about the show ending.

Possible scenarios that the network has tossed around are extending the 15 episode order to 21 to give fans six more episodes to say goodbye to Kyra Sedgwick and company goodbye. Another possibility is extending the show while also creating a spin-off with a character within the show and set it somewhere else with a few of the cast. The final possibility is keeping the show going without Sedgwick and having someone else take the lead.

Overall, the show probably could launch a spin-off well, but continuing without Sedgwick? I don’t see that as being a possibility. Whatever the case, keep checking here as we will let you know development news as soon as we hear it!

What do you guys think? Should The Closer continue without Sedgwick? Or should they launch a new spin-off in its place? Maybe the show should just end on a high note? Sound off!

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