Release News: “Glee” Season 2, Volume 1

Last season the smash hit Glee was released on DVD in two v0lumes before releasing a complete season set later in the year. FOX has decided to go that route again as they announce the first volume release of the second season due to hit stores on January 25th. Below is the studio description followed by the disc by disc breakdown and cover art.

The unforgettable Gleeks return in TV’s most spectacular musical sensation! Despite school budget cuts and a setback at Regionals, New Directions is more energized than ever. As fresh romances develop and old ones are tested, the club embraces an exciting new year of challenges. This 3-disc set brings you the first ten episodes of Glee Season 2, with all-new guest stars, amazing renditions of some of the world’s hottest music and rockin’ special features!
  • Disc 1:
    • Audition
    • Britney/Brittany
    • Grilled Cheesus
    • Duets
    • Bonus Features:
      • Glee Music Jukebox
  • Disc 2:
    • The Rocky Horror Glee Show
    • Never Been Kissed
    • The Substitute
    • Furt
    • Bonus Features:
      • Glee Music Jukebox
  • Disc 3:
    • Special Education
    • A Very Glee Christmas
    • Bonus Features:
      • Glee Music Jukebox
      • Getting Waxed With Jane Lynch
      • Sue’s Quips
      • Glee at Comic-Con 2010

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