Hits & Misses: New Fall Shows

This new television season has brought us a lot of rookie series, with many varying from very great shows to already forgotten about blips. This article will be updated once a day usually with one hit and one miss added every day for a week, so bookmark the article and see if your favorite or least favorite show made the list. Let’s take a look at some of the hits and misses of the rookie class:


Hawaii Five-0: While this reboot has been faced with shrinking ratings the past few weeks, the truth is in: this show is fun. While star Alex O’Loughlin was hitting 0-2 with Moonlight and Three Rivers on CBS the past few years, the network has given him a third try and it has paid off. Scott Caan provides a great foil as Danno and the chemistry really has been the main reason that the show is a success. Also starring Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. (CBS, Mondays at 10)

Blue Bloods: Never underestimate the moustache. Tom Selleck returned to television this fall in the new CBS procedural that follows a tight knit family that all hold law enforcement positions. Donnie Wahlberg plays his detective son Danny,  Bridget Moynahan portrays his ADA daughter Erin, and Will Estes is his rookie cop son Jamie. The series comes from the executive producers of The Sopranos and the show feels a bit darker than some of the procedurals on the network. Now if only we can get the show off Fridays… (CBS, Fridays at 10)


Running Wilde: Having one successful television show is hard to do, but having two is even harder. Will Arnett (Arrested Development) and Keri Russell (Felicity) paired up to try and find successes after their original hits, but have failed miserably. The plot is weak and the jokes fall flat almost all of the time. Another problem with the series is neither character is that likable. Arnett’s Steve is an egotistical and pompous billionaire, while Russell’s Emmy can seem overly preaching and too liberal. Nevertheless, the network has almost guaranteed cancellation and the show will be a figment of our imaginations. (FOX, Tuesdays at 9:30)

My Generation: Most of you are already wondering what this show is, and like most of America, it will remain a mystery. This series followed a group of high school graduates and caught up with their lives ten years later. The plot seemed unique enough, and with all the promotion ABC spent before an episode aired, it seems puzzling that the series wasn’t a success. What most critics (and myself) believe is that the show never had one big name in the show. While that is not necessary for every show to be a success, if you do not have the big name to fall back on, the show needs to be extraordinary. And the sad fact is, this show was just plain ordinary. Subpar writing and acting didn’t help the series, and after two episodes ABC decided to pull the plug.

Lone Star: Not much can be said about this series other than the fact that it saw Jon Voight came to television for this dribble. What do you get when you see a conman (James Wolk) try to lead two separate lives with beautiful women? You get Lone Star, a soap opera drama that FOX thought would be a big hit. While the show was critically acclaimed, the show failed worse than My Generation.

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  1. Yep, agreed that Running Wilde was a miscarriage. That makes two stinkers now for Hurwitz and co. since the totally awesome Arrested Development. Nice reviews!

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