Movie News

“HP7” makes $125.1 million domestic, $330.1 million worldwide

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One had a huge weekend. The movie cashed in $125.1 million in the North American markets, with another $205 million overseas bringing the worldwide total to $330.1 million. The reviews for the film have been varied across the spectrum, but as Harry Potter fans are a loyal bunch, it is within reason to predict that this film will reach over $1 billion in worldwide grosses by the end of its theatrical run.

However, one concern is that if this film does not meet expectations to the loyalist of loyal fans, how will that impact results for the second part? I doubt either way that it will affect the final film, as the last film in this saga should hit grosses beyond imagination (if we consider how many books of the same title were sold in its opening week).

If you’ve seen the movie, what do you think? Has it met expectations? Did it fall short? Will you be seeing it again or recommending it to a friend? Sound off!

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