CBS reduces “Medium” to 13 episodes

Allison DuBois might be seeing her own demise soon. CBS has announced that they are reducing Medium’s 7th season to 13-episodes, down from the normal 22. Ratings have dipped tremendously this season, averaging only around 6 million viewers per episode, down from the nearly 8 million last season.

The series was canceled by NBC after the 5th season, but CBS picked it up last year and paired it with their ghost-related hit, The Ghost Whisperer. That series was canceled after last season, but CBS thought they could muster out another full year of the Patricia Arquette series. However, this has turned out to be false as the show is the lowest rated for all of CBS’s dramas.

This might signal the FINAL end for the series, as CBS is losing faith in the aging series, as well as needing room for some of the network’s midseason shows.

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