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Batman 3 Gets an Official Title!

dark_knight_2After a very long wait (more than 2 years since The Dark Knight was released), we finally have a title for the sequel to 2008’s best film.

Christopher Nolan sat down for an interview with the LA times and, while he didn’t reveal much, he dropped a few things that are more than notable. First off, the sequel will be entitled The Dark Knight Rises. At first, I was a little disappointed with the title choice, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. The name does capitalize on the TDK name while also making sense story-wise after how The Dark Knight ended. Another thing Nolan dropped during the interview was that the film will NOT be in 3D (thank God!), but will continue to use the latest formats in HD, such as IMAX.

The third and final tidbit the Times got out of Nolan was the fact that the villain would not be The Riddler. This was a disappointing fact seeing as how The Riddler is one of the most famous Batman villains. This news also worries me because this may mean that the 3rd Batman film will feature a less-than-realistic villain (such as Killer Croc or Clayface). While Clayface was always one of my favorite Batman villains, simply because his story was so engaging, he does not fit in this realm of Batman films. I think we can count on this outing to feature Catwoman or possibly Dr. Hugo Strange.

Currently, Nolan and co. are looking for a female lead for the film. At this time there are no reports on who is talking with Nolan or for what role. We will keep you informed on any upcoming The Dark Knight Rises news.

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