Balthazar Getty returns to “Brothers & Sisters”

Good news for fans of the Walker clan on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. First, the series has been picked up for a full 22-episode season, and now word is that former star Balthazar Getty is returning for the show’s 100th episode. Getty was a central part of the series as oldest son Tommy, but was written out at the end of the third season and was only in a handful of episodes during season four.

Sources say Tommy returns home with a new girl in his arms, so it doesn’t appear that he reconnected with ex-wife Julia (Sarah Jane Morris) over the year time leap that the series took. However, this might lead into more episodes with Tommy if he isn’t tied down in Seattle.

Brothers & Sisters is currently in its fifth season, and has featured bumpy ratings for the past few years. The drama-comedy airs on Sundays at 10:00 PM on ABC.

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