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“Paranormal Activity 2” (2010)


Stop reading right now if you don’t want the movie to be ruined. This movie was probably the scariest movie with the most WTF? moments I have seen ever. Paranormal Activity 2 is a prequel and a sequel to the first film, and it follows Katie’s sister and her family after their new son Hunter comes home.

The first film was criticized for not being scary enough, and the film crew taking note of this and notching it up at least times from the first film. We follow Kristi, Katie’s sister, and her husband Dan, with his daughter Ali (Kristi’s stepdaughter) filming the first few days of baby Hunter’s arrival home. After a few days the family comes home to see that the house was robbed, but nothing was stolen. This prompted Dan to install cameras within the house to keep his family safe.

Similar to the first film, strange things start happening at night all revolving around baby Hunter. Ali realizes that Hunter is the first born male in their lineage for generations, and that a demon might be trying to take Hunter’s soul because a family member sold her soul for riches. Ali and Martine, the maid, are the only ones to believe this and it takes a few more nights of mayhem for Kristi to believe them as well.

The nights get more hectic as each night the terrors become progressively worse. Without spoiling most of the rest of the film, Katie and Micah are both involved as Katie tries to dismiss the demon theory because it reminds her too much of what happened to her and Kristi when they were little. We learn later in the film why Katie starts seeing these weird things at night as well with Dan showing Micah his handheld camera (that lead into the events of Paranormal Activity).

The ending of the film provides the most shocking moments as they take place within hours of the first film’s ending. The whole theater erupted in applause after the film, clearly with a better approval rating than the first. This film provides so many more shocks, jumps, and screams that it shouldn’t be missed.

Final Grade: 9.0/10

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