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Sugarland – “The Incredible Machine”

First, this album is nowhere near country. Second, this album is definitely the best I’ve heard in a long time. While Sugarland might need to reconsider what genre they fit into, The Incredible Machine is a full out, rock out with your socks out album. From songs like the opener “All We Are” to “Find The Beat Again”, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have hit their stride in songwriting and delivery.

The main thing that I love about this album is the bigger presence of Bush. While many consider Nettles the star of the duo, Bush’s voice compliments Nettles so well that you wonder why he never was featured more in the previous albums. And to point out, there is a reason why they are called a ‘duo’. The track that stands out for Bush is “Stand Up”, a powerful song on the album that highlight the best of both singers’ vocal abilities.

In the end, I don’t know what genre this album falls into. “The Incredible Machine” and “Stand Up” definitely have some country in them, but “Every Girl Like Me” falls in the pop category. “Find The Beat Again”, “All We Are”, “Tonight” and “Wide Open” are heavy on the rock, but I think they call it country because of the twang still in Nettles voice.

With country giants Brooks & Dunn setting off into the sunset, Big & Rich taking an extended hiatus, and Montgomery Gentry failing to have a hit in the past few years, Sugarland could very well be the top duo for country music (and maybe even for pop and rock and roll).

Whether you are a country fan or not, The Incredible Machine is an album that you need to pick up. You won’t be disappointed with any track on the album, and after the 42 minute ride, you’ll be thirsting for more.

Final Grade: Buy the Album

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