Movie News

Weekend Box Office Results (Oct. 15-17)

This was a very surprising weekend box office, with Jackass 3D coming out on top with $50 million in the box office. The first two films in the franchise were moderate hits, and no one thought that the third film would be this big. Another surprise is the action flick Red, that grossed over $22 million to become a successful opener for Bruce Willis. The rest of the top ten follows with new films in bold:

1. Jackass 3D Wknd: $50m, Tot: $50m
2. Red Wknd: $22.5 m, Tot: $22.5m
3. The Social Network Wknd: $11m, Tot: $63.1m
4. Secretariat Wknd: $9.5m, Tot: $27.5m
5. Life As We Know It Wknd: $9.2m, Tot: $28.8m
6. Legend of the Guardians Wknd: $4.2m, Tot: $46m
7. The Town Wknd: $4.0m, Tot: $80.5m
8. My Soul To Take Wknd: $3.1m, Tot: $11.9m
9. Easy A Wknd: $2.6m, Tot: $52.3m
10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Wknd: $2.3m, Tot: $47.8m

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