ABC adds 4 more scripts for “No Ordinary Family” & “Brothers & Sisters”, 1 for “Off the Map”

With some of ABC’s shows doing poorly this season (the new Detroit 1-87 and The Whole Truth), it comes as no surprise that ABC has ordered additional scripts for some of their stronger series. Here’s the breakdown:

  • New series No Ordinary Family is receiving 4 additional scripts (13-episodes were already ordered)
  • 5th season series Brothers & Sisters gets 4 as well (18-episodes ordered)
  • Upcoming series from Shondra Rhimes (creator Grey’s Anatomy) Off the Map gets 1 more (undetermined ordered)

While ordering more scripts doesn’t necessarily mean that they will order these episodes, more times than not they will. Ordering scripts shows the network the direction the series will take with the additional episodes. This is especially good news for Brothers & Sisters, who many thought this would be the final season with a shorter season, but with the show’s ratings holding strong and the additional scripts, the show might see a sixth year.

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