Release News: “Futurama” Volume Five

Fans signed petitions for years, and finally Futurama returned to the airwaves on Comedy Central earlier this year. Now, you can catch up on all the episodes on both the DVD and Blu-ray format. The description follows:

You asked for more…and the Planet Express crew delivered! Welcome back to FUTURAMA, the light-years-ahead-of-its-time animated series from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Join Fry, Bender, Leela and the rest of the gang for 13 hilarious new episodes that tackle some of the most controversial subjects in the galaxy…including evolution, mind exchange, feline intelligence and robosexual marriage. Hey, it could happen!

Bonus features will include Audio Commentary, Deleted and Extended Scenes, “Bend it Like Bender”, “Previously On…”, “Fry’s Crudely-Drawn Comic Book – The Crudely Animated Edition”, “Behind the Fungus: Makin’ a Hit Song”, “The Prisoner of Benda” Table Read, “Fry’s Crudely Drawn Comic Book Alternate Design”, and a Bender Audio Outtake.

This release will come to you December 21st (for any late Christmas shoppers), so enjoy this and purchase the DVDs so more episodes can be made!

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